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I never took yoga seriously...

as shared by PCPY member Fanny Slater - September 11, 2023.

I have a confession.

Yoga used to give me anxiety. I tried it multiple times in my 20s and early 30s and felt zero connection with the mat or the practice and the instructor’s cues were no competition for the relentless banter in my head.

But apparently, you’re not supposed to go looking for Yoga. Yoga finds you. After two decades of binge drinking and hangovers, I broke my viscous cycle in February 2021 and got sober. A few months later I was waiting for my cold brew at Vigilant Hope Roasting and spotted a flyer for Port City Power Yoga. I liked the colors of the logo, so I picked it up. That was it. That’s how it found me. With an iced coffee in one hand and a dog leash in the other.

Turns out PCPY was walking distance from where I lived at the time. I took one class in the cozy heated studio and felt the hook. The flow. The power. The balance of effort and ease. Turns out all of those things were already in ME and the Baptiste yoga practice was simply one of the secrets to unleashing that magic ✨. I fell in love with the sweat, the meditation, the transformation, and the fact that I got to set my own intention each class. My fear around yoga all those years ago had been backwards. I’ve always rebelled against people telling me what to do, but it turns out the practice is YOURS every single time.

Port City Power Yoga has become not just a sanctuary for my mind and body, but part of my sobriety practice. It’s where I reconnect with what I need and find new ways to choose myself—which continues to be one of my most powerful lessons in this lifetime🫶🏻.

…Also, you get a cold lavender towel at the end ✌🏻So if nothing else, go for that. Join me for a class. What’s holding you back?

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