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Creating Harmony Longevity Spa is a natural and holistic biohacking Health Spa for beauty, joy, and wellbeing.  Rooted in Yogic Technology, Aesthetics, and Energy Healing to integrate mind, body, soul vitality.  Whether you're seeking to maintain your healthy lifestyle or completely rehabilitate your experience of life, 'Creating Harmony' is here to love you and provide the answers you're looking for.


Reiki is a form of energy healing originating in Japan.  We all have an unseen “life force energy” (aka Holy Spirit, chi, prana, mana, etc.) flowing through our bodies that, with masterful intention, can reduce stress - mental, oxidative, and cellular - and promote healing by encouraging a healthy flow of energy.   The effects are wide and profound.   All sessions are rooted in chakra balancing using various energy healing tools and vibration therapy methods.

60 minutes - $129


This is more than your basic facial.  Integrating energy healing with standard NC licensed facial aesthetics create the compelling results driven experience you're looking for.  Addressing the meridians along your face, jaw, and neck as well as trigger point therapy, lymphatic drainage, craniosacral influence, and powerful herbal remedies provide anti aging, smoothness, and radiance like no other non-invasive and toxin free beauty remedy.  All facials are customized to your needs and desires.

60 minutes - $139


A scientific, strategic, and therapeutic essential oil spine and foot treatment designed to target inflammation and purge viral and toxic influence.  This therapy aids in restoring physical, mental, and emotional acute pain triggers as well as chronic ailments.  Designed to bring your entire being into a steady state of health and harmony.  Specialized with Reiki Energy Healing mastery and an Aesthetician's license "to touch".

60 minutes - $149


We prefer to have it all!  The impact of full body/chakra restoration is undeniable with our most popular service.  Uniting your customized 'Longevity Facial' with your 'Raindrop "Massage"' has proven to be the fool proof gift of full body health and happiness.  This 100min package offers anti aging, longevity, and pain relief while creating an extraordinary environment to live and love in.  Rest, relaxation, and results are unavoidable.

90 minutes - $199

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Initial Brazilian $65+

"No Shave" Maintenance Brazilian $55

Bikini $40+

Eyebrow Shape $25

Lip | Chin | Cheek | Neck $15/each

Full Face $60

Underarm $30

Full Leg $90+

Half Leg $50+

Thigh Strip $25+

Back $65


Nutrition | Apothecary | Biohacking



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Call or Text Hannah at 910-818-4006

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