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February Captain's Club + LEAP Challenge Winners!

The list is so long this month there are multiple tiers! AMAZING! We are inspired by how y'all are showing up and in the shortest month of the year!

For a little context everyone on this list practiced more than 10 times in February, more than 2x week! LEAP Challenge Winners :

These 3 completed 18+ practices in February AND the 3 extra LEAP Challenges.

Will Freeman

Giuliana Vaca-Tricerri

Lindsay Green

Lindsay won the grand prize of a lululemon mat, lululemon towel, PCPY tank/tshirt & $50 PCPY gift card.

Will won the second prize of a lululemon belt bag & PCPY tank/tshirt.


February Captain's Club

Tier 1:

Will F

Giuliana VT

Lora P

Lindsay G

Claudia S

Elizabeth T

Lauren L

Emily A

Diane L

Brenda A

Angela V

Tier 2:

Menaka R

Susan M

Hannah HB

Kelly H

Emma Grace W

Jean M

Kathryn M

Elise E

Fanny S

Phillip K

John M

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